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When Bryan Yates says, ‘Relax, it’s only a hill.’ take a deep breath and run up the hill. Bryan’s coaching turned me into an athlete. The words he put in my head sent me to the podium of numerous 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50k races, both trail and street. He gave me the confidence to start teaching fitness classes again, something I hadn’t done for many years. And all of that combined lead me to join a search and rescue team, the thing I am the most proud of. So, when Bryan tells you, ‘Relax, it’s only a hill.’ take a deep breath, run up it, and soar.
— Cheryl S.

The first adversary that must be defeated in any sport is one’s own psyche - those negative voices in your head that get between you and your goals. Bryan Yates’ true gift as a coach is not limited to his ability to train you to your maximum genetic potential, but more importantly to rewrite  your inner dialog from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ to ‘I DID’..... 
— Phil C

My win today is feeling secure with an amazing group of women and a coach who has a caring, seeing heart.
— Charlotte R

You do some great things to people with your coaching. Just sayin’
— James Q
I feel like a new born colt.
— Ellen T.
Captain America (Bryan) helped me find my real athletic potential I never knew I even had! His positive attitude while coaching me &  sweating out all the doubts I had about not being able to complete a class made me keep on coming back for more! He’s great! 
— Sofie R