What is Performance Coaching?

Simply put, our mind and body work together. They influence each other. I want them to work together efficiently and optimally. If the body can find physical balance, that impacts the mind’s ability to think in a balanced way. If our mind is quick and agile, that the body’s capacity to move and react. Performance coaching is about looking at the whole person—their habits, their lifestyle, their current state of mind, their current physical ability, their nutritional know-how—to achieve a state of mental-physical harmony. It’s about setting up the conditions to achieve a sense of flow in sport, in life, and in work.

I use nutrition, fitness, and habit training to coach people to a broader feeling of confidence, which creates results.

 How Do You Define Wellness?

Wellness is about reaching your optimal performance. It is a combination of mind, body, and spirit all working well together. These are interconnected and overlapping systems that, when in balance, allow us to perform at our best. What we eat, how we move, and our patterns of thought all connect into this.

 Although I regularly work with endurance athletes, performance is not limited to a given sport. I’m interested in helping people put the pieces together to perform well at work, in relationships, and just in everyday life. It is about identifying a vision we have of ourselves and then breaking the path down to small, meaningful, sustainable steps to reach that vision.

People are living longer. I want to help them lead lives that are nutrient dense, balanced, flexible, centered, strong, agile, adaptable, and emotionally rich.

I’m Not an Athlete. Can I Still Benefit From A Coach?

You may not feel like an athlete, but thinking as one can help. Have you ever set a goal, any kind of goal, and not been able to reach it? We all have been there.

There are life coaches, business coaches, athletic coaches, nutrition coaches. If you have any kind of personal goal in mind, and you thrive when you have accountability in place, then you can benefit from a coaching relationship.

Whether you want to compete in an endurance event, change your body, or get unstuck from old behaviors, a coach is really a guide. It’s someone who has gone through a similar process. A good coach is part teacher, part mentor, part therapist, part cheerleader, and full partner.

Accountability is a crucial ingredient to a successful coaching experience. Having someone else invested in your success greatly improves your odds for success. If you ever had a favorite mentor, teacher, or coach during your life, you probably worked extra hard for them.

How Can I Identify and Change Unproductive Habits?

This is about your personal goal. Many of us want to move better, to feel better, to live longer, and to be more energized. We all tell ourselves, “I know what to do. I just don’t do it.” Having a partner in the process who understands your goals can help find the habits that might be getting in the way of reaching them.

I Have Trouble Staying Motivated. How Can A Coach Help Me?

That is very normal. When you are in the thick of a program or process, it is like being somewhere on a map. It is hard to see where you are heading and easy to forget where you started. You lose sight of your “why”--why you’re doing whatever it is you have chosen to do. Your coach is here to remind you along the way of the accomplishments you have earned and to help you keep the vision alive. A coach is also there to help you pump the brakes, so you avoid burning out from too much early enthusiasm