Bryan Yates

Private Coach

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My passion is coaching people, teams, and organizations to a fuller and more energized, balanced, agile, and mobile lifestyle.

My mission is to nourish people, to get them to believe in themselves, and to help them strive and perform beyond what they thought possible.

My job is to shape their tomorrow with the nourishing decisions they make today. My purpose is to uncover the tools that help them get unstuck from the current patterns, habits, and thoughts that hold them back. Even if they do not consider themselves an athlete, most people can benefit from having an athletic, endurance mindset. I help them to cultivate that, to embrace their goals, and to progress.

Years of experience in business, endurance training, and fitness helps me guide people to create fitter, stronger lives; to perform better; and to transform how they eat for greater wellness. I help those I coach make choices - active choices - that lead them to become more adaptive, mobile, agile, strong, enduring, and flexible--in body, mind, and spirit.

Life is the sum of all your choices.
— Albert Camus


This quote speaks directly to my inner Humanities student. I love it. All my past decisions have accumulated to make me the person I am in this precise moment and place. Everything I’ve chosen to do throughout my life--historian, teacher, researcher, media executive, business owner, husband, surfer, fitness professional, writer, friend, competitive endurance athlete, yoga practitioner, cycling coach, recovering alcoholic, advisor, nutritional expert, wellness coach--all shape today’s exact version of me.

Some might feel more trapped than freed by this quote. There is a potential sense that all we are is our stories; that these stories are inescapable and inevitable. Binding even.

That’s not me. My history does not determine my future. It only informs it. Choice is still fundamental. That means I get to act in shaping how tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that may look.

The future is unwritten.
— Joe Strummer


There is so much external pressure on us to project fully baked perfect images of ourselves, but I revel in this idea of being “unwritten,” a constant work in progress. There is ample room for always striving, always evolving, always connecting. And always learning. The process is fundamental to the journey. Progress rather than perfection.

Progress in life means making choices, and that means we sometimes get messy. That messiness is often a necessary part of deep change. Like everyone else, I’ve made plenty of regrettable decisions along the way. At times, I’ve been stuck in unproductive patterns. Along the way, I’ve leaned on coaches and mentors to guide me, to show me choices when I could not see them myself. To point the way when I found it unclear. The really good ones have taught me to find the choices with maximum benefit. Over time, I’ve come to think of it in terms of nutrient density—making the most nourishing decision. The ability to see these patterns objectively and alter them in a meaningfully compassionate and sustainable way is the experience I bring to working with others.

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